Using veralite and aeon 4in1 motion sensor to trigger lights on for 15 minutes

I am new to home automation and need help. I have a veralite, aeon 4in1sensor and a GE light switch. I want to turn lights no between 10:30 pm and sunrise when motion is detected. I want the lights to stay on for 15 minutes and then turn off. I have tried a number of approaches with partial success. I think my main problem is understanding arming and disarming the motion detector. I would love help?

I’m new at this myself so I won’t be all that much help but I do have one motion sensor installed and have it turning on a spot light in my front yard. In my case I built a scene and used two triggers, 1.) 30 minutes after sunset 2.) motion sensed if armed or not, if both conditions are true turn on the spot light and then wait 10 minutes and turn off. Seems to work just fine. In your case don’t use the sunset trigger just set an absolute time.

Thank you for your help. I have now have my system up and running.