Using IR/RF remote to control Somfy blinds

This might be a dumb question but is there any way I can use a URC MX-880i IR/RF remote to control Somfy blinds via my Vera3?

I thought the RFXtrx433E might do the trick. However, while it will apparently allow the Vera to control the Somfy blinds, I don’t think it will recognise the MX-880i as it is not listed as a supported remote/device (even though the MX-880i operates at 433MHz).

Is there some way to get the IR or RF signal back to the Vera to tell it to raise/lower the blinds? Could a GC IR2IP box help? The house wired with Cat6.

I am using the KiraRT plugin for a few things. The Kira module will receive an IR command from a remote and trigger whatever you like. You can also have Vera send a command to operate IR devices.

That looks like a winner! I can use the KIRA modules and the KiraRT plugin to receive IR commands and tell the Vera to raise/lower the blinds. Then the Vera can raise/lower the blinds using either a RFXtrx433E or individual z-wave blind controllers.

Thanks for your help.