Using Fibaro RGBW as multivalve actuator

Hi, I’m new user of zwave. I’d like to say that It’s a great notice to have access to this forum . Thanks to all people that colaborate with this.

I’m designing the install of a zwave network in a house. I’m finished the light part, using fibaro RGBW led controller to make different zones of leds(all white not colors).
I’m wondering if it would be possilbe or someone knows if is possible to configure this little things to control 12V or 24V valves and then to have a system to control 4 cirquits of hot water for (oh: 60? :wink: plus the price of the valves)


if the valves not surpassing the amperage level of the rgbw controller you can. but have to set it to on/off function then. the dimmer function wont work obviously.

Thanks for the answer, If I can configure the controller not to dimm I think it would be a cheap solution to control it. I will buy a valve and try it.

you can… have to set it to mode 2 and set parameters to min dim level 99 and max 100… also possible with a scene.
see here Wireless Smart Home and Home Automation | FIBARO

Tryied to configure this values, then connected 4 led bulbs and it works, now the system cannot dim, just option for switch on or off. I’ll post results playing with a electrovalve when I receive it.
Thanks a lot.

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good to hear :slight_smile: