Using fibaro dimmer2 as switch w swtchmode power supply

I want to control on or off my undercounter strip lights and the electrician wired it from the switch in switched live (2 wire mode)

Does anyone think I could use a Fibaro Dimmer 2 unit as a switch (0 or 100%) in 2 wire mode/switched live/common neutral to a switchmode power supply (LED strip light power supply).

If i do it with a relay or switch unit at the mains input of the switchmode (3 wires), the problem is that when I turn the wall switch off by hand the zwave loses power and goes offline and I cant control it (and slows down the controller with multiple retries)

Or can someone suggest an alternative?

Is there something else connected to he two wire supply? If this supply is wired from a wall switch can you not switch the two wire supply and hence he switched mode supply direct from there.
It may mean mounting a z-wave dual relay behind the wall switch and using a double wall plate.
If I am talking rubbish for your system, please give a few more details of the overall problem.

Also, I do not recommend a dimmer controlling the power supply. Even if it works okay at 100% (not guaranteed) there is still a risk that it could be set at 50% or similar and overheat the power supply even to the point of fire.