Using "cannot write user data" as a trigger for a scene

I’ve been experiencing this error daily at about 1am, and after coming up the system crashes and I need to unplug to reset. Is there any way to trigger an engine reload when it detects the “cannot writer user data” error? I can try a workaround and trigger it when the system is low with System Monitor, but if possible I would like to only trigger it when I get the “cannot writer user data” error. Tks a lot!


What I found is that the amount of Available Memory as reported by the SysMon plug in is an indication of when this error may happen. So I have looked for a threshold that is just above when the issue occurs and set a scene trigger based on that (Available mamory has dropped below 47000 kb, in my case on Vera Edge). The scene then has a bit of LUA to reload LUUP and that seem to keep thing running. Using the same on my Vera Lite but then with a 22000 kb threshold.

So you should look what sysmon reports as available memory just before the problem starts on yours and trigger the reload luup just before that.

Cheers Rene