User and Account Info


Subject : User and Account Info (last version ui7)

Every time I click on the tab labelled ‘User and Account Info’ it displays the sub-menu options and then redirects us the the URL: regardless of what we do next.
I need absolutely to access the user sub menu!

Notice i am connected to my home network.



I have the same issue in Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

I have the same issue in Chrome, Firefox, and IE.
I send a lot of emails to Vera and nobody answer to me .
Very disappointed.

Add me to the users who suffers from this with Safari on OSX

Update: I followed the advice here:,32415.msg236038.html#msg236038 and created a new user. This has now allowed me to log into the unit.

Similar problem here. Clicking users&accounts, energy or setup wizard brings me to getvera homepage. After login in there I taken back to local vera home screen again.
Creating another user as suggested in latest post did not help.

Usually this happens if your Vera does not have an Internet connection. Check your router and that your Vera is talking to the Internet, (you can tell if it is not showing the weather on the dash board.

If you home network looks OK, try resetting the network configuration on your Vera.

Thanks for the tip but vera does see an internet - it shows the weather and I can brows vera applications.

So the reason is somewhere else.

“Fixed” it by creating another account, adding the device there and changing browser to chrome.