Use Logic Action as Device Action in a Logic Action?

I just resetted my Vera Edge because of weird troubles and decided to redo my entire setup…

One thing I’m trying is to have EVERYTHING in PLEG, instead of a mix of Vera scenes and PLEG.

However, I can’t quite understand how to make a separate scene in PLEG. Before I had a scene in Vera called “Everything off!” that turned off all lights. This scene was used in several other scenes, for example when house mode was set to “away” or “night”.

Can I have a “loose” scene in PLEG that I can re-use? It is tedious to add and set all devices again and again in different Logic Actions. Can I use a Logic Action I have created (e.g. “Everything off!”) as a Device Action in ANOTHER Logic Action? Is this what the RunAction is meant for? If so, what should I use as actionName?

I know I can choose PLEG as device and use the command RunScene to run a Vera scene but how should I think if I want everything in PLEG?

You create an action (which is your scene).

Then in the existing action select the device as your pleg device, then select “run action” and the associated condition name.

My approaches aren’t as sophisticated as some on here, but I’d probably associate a MultiSwitch (pulse) button with the loose scene and have PLEG execute the scene any time the button is pressed. Separately I’d look at the different types of scenarios which might warrant that scene and perhaps wrap some PLEG conditional logic around how and when the scene button is pressed.