Use 4 in 1 sensor to control HVAC fan - also to over cool room based on humidity

I currently have the VeraLite controller that appears to be UI5 (I don’t pay attention to that much - can it be upgraded?). Firmware is 1.5.622. I do not have the thermostat yet, but am looking at the Honeywell TH8320ZW. The HVAC system is a new Carrier Performance Heat Pump 13.

I have a movie room in the basement that gets way too hot and stuffy when we have it full of people watching a movie. The thermostat is in this room. In winter, I can’t run the AC when it’s in the 20’s or 30’s outside. Even if it’s in the 50’s, if I run the AC, it makes the rest of the basement too cold. If we run the fan, it helps a lot, but the kids always forget to turn it off, and it can run for the better part of a day or two before someone realizes it. We really don’t need the heat much, just a couple week of the year, and usually only a couple hours a day. It never drops much below 65.

I wonder if I can use the Aeon Labs 4 in 1 sensor to control a Honeywell Z-wave thermostat and run the HVAC blower when people are in the room.

My thought is that I can set up a scene that turns the blower from “auto” to “on” for 30 minutes whenever the sensor detects movement. If there are people in the room still moving around, it’ll just keep blowing until 30 minutes after anyone leaves. I really am looking to control the blower independently from the temperature.

Also, this room is in the basement, and there are times in the summer when the temperature in the room is fine, but the humidity gets high, so could I use the humidity level to create a scene to drop the the temperature 2 or 3 degrees? I would need to limit the time, for example, if the humidity gets above 60%, it cools to an extra 3 degrees or it cools for 1 hour, whichever is first, but it won’t fire again for 6 hours or so to keep from always running. We don’t really need the AC much in summer, but would like it to run at least once a day to keep the humidity down. In summer, it never really gets above 78, but it does get humid from time to time.

FYI - I live near Atlanta, GA and the basement has only one wall open to the outside air (a short leg of the rectangle) with the other 3 walls fully enclosed by earth. I thought I might have to explain why the system doesn’t run much.

Lucky you … I though about staying in Atlanta after graduating from GT.

You can use the PLEG (and PLC) plugin to control your fan.

PLEG Input Trigger:
Motion When Motion detector detects motion

Input Schedule:
FanTimer On is Self-retrigger, off after interval of 30:00

Optional Input Parameter:
RoomTemp From Aeon Current Temp

MotionDetected Motion
FanAuto Motion; !FanTimer
Optional Condition:
FanON Motion and (RoomTemp > 70)

MotionDetected Using the Advanced TAB of the actions editor, add the PLEG device, the Action is StartTimer, the timer name is FanTimer
If you do NOT use the RoomTemp to constrain the fan, then you can set the Fan to ON here.
FanAuto This is where you turn the Fan to Auto.
Optional Action:
FanON If you use the temp to constrain the fan, you can set the Fan to ON here.

For an into to PLEG see:,21603.0.html

The FanOff expression is probably the least obvious. This is a sequence expression (identified by the semi colon).
The ! also means not … So this condition is true when the FanTimer turns to OFF (Because of the !) after the last motion.