uri tune in radio


If I’m looking at the commands that are stated to play a tune in radiostation.
In the example from the sonos plugin, a number is used to select the proper station.

Question is where I can find that number.

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First make sure that the station whose number you are looking for is the current station on whichever sonos you are looking to make the scene for. Next log into VERA and scroll down click Advanced Settings. Now from the Devices tab find the sonos you are using and click the wrench icon then click Advanced. Scroll down to where it says AVTransportURL, in the box you should see something that looks like this… x-sonosapi-stream:s30429?sid=254&flags=32 …in this example 30429 would be the number that you are looking for. Remember that the number will be different for whatever station you are looking for unless it’s 103.5 KTU which is what I used for the example.