URGENT HELP ! OH **** PLEG just died

Is that screen shot in the mobile app ? ios or android ?

I still cannot see that additional information and date.

It is view of Install Apps screen - not My apps, there is no info about update. So my theory is that the plugin had been updated in Apps store 23rd October, but because everything worked till today it means, that my Vera had to update PLEG today. So restore to yesterday should be enough. Shall I restore also zwave network?

No, no zwave restore required.

OK will try today evening and let you know if helped disabling auto update after restore from yesterday’s backup.

OK I’ve restored a backup from yesterday again and unchecked Auto Update on the PLEG apps.

After the restore these are the PLEG versions:

Program Logic Core (PLC) = 8.23
Program Logic Event Generator (PLEG) = 8.11

And the new version as stated is 9.1 that seems to break things.

LUAView plugin was just a red herring for me as suggested.

So we need to try and contact Richard and see about this 9.1 update.

I wasn’t aware he was still actively developing PLEG anymore.

Actually a restore from yesterday is fine and gets you off the new 9.1 version of PLEG.

Yes mate you were bang on with that statement !

I have already written him email and now he replied :flushed:

I released an update about a week ago … I think they just approved it.

A POWER cycle will be needed for the UI to work properly … the existing logic should not have been impacted.

So the mystery solved, now only to wait for Richard if he finds out what is wrong with 9.1…

BTW: never did restore of Vera yet, will everything remain same as before? Device IDs, names, Scenes, Device properties? Now wondering if to wait just for plugin repair or to risk restore…

Yes remains the same

A power cycle as in power cut then restored? because simply rebooting the hub doesn’t do it.

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Two things about the PLEG update look suspicious to me…

First of all, there’s this message in the log file, whether LuaView is installed or not:

01	10/29/20 12:22:54.042	LuImplementation::Parse can't parse xml /etc/cmh-ludl//I_ProgramLogicEG.xml <0x77c90000>
01	10/29/20 12:22:54.042	JobHandler_LuaUPnP::ParseAllImplementations failed to parse I_ProgramLogicEG.xml <0x77c90000>

That… doesn’t look right.

The other thing is that all but one of the compressed JavaScript files is corrupt (length 7 usually indicates bad file, possible binary data in the unencrypted source text, LZO doesn’t handle):

root@MiOS_450xxxxx:/etc/cmh-ludl# ls -l J_Program*
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root             7 Oct 29 12:20 J_ProgramLogicEG-UI5.js.lzo
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root             7 Oct 29 12:20 J_ProgramLogicEG-UI6.js.lzo
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root             7 Oct 29 12:20 J_ProgramLogicEG-UI7.js.lzo
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root             7 Oct 29 12:22 J_ProgramLogicTS-UI5.js.lzo
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root             7 Oct 29 12:22 J_ProgramLogicTS-UI6.js.lzo
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root             7 Oct 29 12:22 J_ProgramLogicTS-UI7.js.lzo

I get the same “Error Reading Data” on a system with no LuaView installed. It’s hard to imagine what LuaView and PLEG would do to each other. LuaView has almost no implementation in Lua, it’s mostly a JavaScript editor, and doesn’t touch anything unless you open it and make changes.

I think Richard’s deployment went south on him.

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Yeh I replied Richard that sw reboot does not solve it, haven’t tested power cycle, don’t now if it is the same from sw point of view.

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Yeah I don’t think LUAView plugin is the problem. It was auto updating the PLEG plugins back to 9.1 without me realizing.

Me installing LUAView plugin on my Vera Edge after I had done my restore must have also initiated PLEG to update back to 9.1

I didn’t originally have LUAView installed on the Vera Edge but I wanted to use it to view the logs etc.

On my test Vera Edge I’ve let it update PLEG to version 9.1 again.

And I have then pulled the power completely from the unit and plug it back in again.

After it comes back online again PLEG is broken again.

There is obviously some corruption in the new PLEG plugin files coming down from the MIOS servers.

My production Vera Plus is working again now, just restore a backup from yesterday and then uncheck auto update on the PLEG apps.

I am up and running and can see all my logic rules again.

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I’m having the same problem. rebooted, power cycled, restored backups, nothing fixes it so far.
just trying to turn off autoupdate…

@freddy4th you will need to restore a backup from before when the autoupdate occurred, this could be a far back as Oct 23. So basically get back to a state where you are not on 9.1 as the version, then turn off the autoupdates. Looks like Richard (owner of the plug-in) is also looking into the issue.

That’s the only thing that will fix it.

Restore a backup from yesterday, check the app versions are then these:

Program Logic Core (PLC) = 8.23
Program Logic Event Generator (PLEG) = 8.11

Uncheck auto update and you should be good.

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Just do a POWER CYCLE reset to complete the install.

this doesn’t work, I tried multiple times and still got the same error

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