URC with Sonos App

Hi, First post here

Great app, this solves a nagging issue for me.

Let me start by saying that I am a URC Total Control programmer and looks like I may have now found a way to integrate Sonos control with my home control consisting of a Total Control interface that supports Zwave. I found your module and downloaded it for fun and easily figured out how to play, stop and even speak a connect amp via my remote program using Zwave scenes. Unfortunately that is all the control I have. Luckily that’s really all I need at this time. Thank you for creating a great interface.

So here is the question or statement;
My Master bathroom occupancy sensor is programmed to start a macro which includes a sonos “play” scene works perfectly, but a few hours later my sonos controllers revert to the incorrect room and no source is available to play. Do I need to specify a particular music stream within the scene? If so then how would I do that? The only options I see are the basic play, stop, FF etc.

Here is the scenario I have working.

Multiple Sonos connect amps, I have multiple instances of the module, but am only working with one right now.
Connect amp running in ceiling speakers, controlled locally by an in wall iTouch
Occupancy sensor triggers my control system to play a scene in the zwave interface.
Before I added the module I could leave the iTouch on a Sirius station and it would always be there, all we had to do was hit play. Now after a few hours the iTouch shows the wrong room and no audio source selected, so I need to select room and music source. If I select the room and play a source the motion sensor works perfectly turning it on and off after a predetermined period of time, but after four or five hours everything reverts to no music source. I hope I explained this correctly and gave enough information.

Any help appreciated and I understand this type of a system is not supported, but it works so well I would really like to continue to use it, just need a little help in making sure I have the correct settings.

Thank you,

Ok playing some more and found a great post that I think will help me.


This post explains how to set a playlist for the scene, thank you for that.

Now my issue is that my wife would like SiriusXM Hits 1 to play, I cant figure out the correct SR to insert. If I use the default SR:shade45 that works perfectly so I know I am on the right track, but she would like the hits 1? I must not be inserting the command correctly and seem to have tried all of the possible combinations I can think of small letters, no spaces etc.

Thank you

Take a look at the URI in the Help tab when playing this radio. What do you get ?

Thank you for your reply, here is what is listed

CurrentTrackURI x-sonosapi-hls:r%3asiriushits1?sid=37&flags=288

That helps, not sure why it didn’t work before, thought I tried everything, but SR:siriushits1 works. Thank you!