upnp discovery


Any chance that you would share code (lua or?) or api on how you do the upnp discovery in the UI? I would like to take advantage of this in the Sonos Plugin if possible instead of writing a module from scratch…



@anker, unfortunately I think the lack of replies is because no one else has done this…

Yup, that was my read. You could write one, but it’ll take a bit to get all the UDP handling done correctly for it. A while back, I had to do something similar for a Lua DNS lib, making it support a crude form of mDNS.

It kinda worked, but I eventually decided it wasn’t that big of a deal for people to type in their IP Address (for the SQBlaster), esp given the likelihood of failure of the code when running under the other layers of MiOS.

There are fragments of the basic logic/outline on sites like:

whilst they’re built for a different set of Lua frameworks, the fundamental concepts are there…

okay - I was wondering if one could see what the UI actually activates? Is it a script or a program that does discovery?

I am not that great at html - could anyone dig out what html is used?