Upgrading Z-Wave Plus devices

How can I start a firmware upgrade of a Z-Wave Plus device connected to Vera Plus?
Specifically, I’d need to upgrade “HomeSeer HS-WD100+ Wall Dimmer” to Firmware v5.19.
I don’t see on Vera how to push firmware files to Z-Wave devices

You can’t do it yourself Vera Support might be willing to try it for you if ask them as the Vera Plus does technically support over the air firmware updates.

If you want to do it yourself, buy a Z-stick and install the free trial of Homeseer. I think that is the only way.

I am sure many would love to here what you find, particularly if Instant Status starts working on Vera (per the release notes).

The Z-way server might also be capable of an OTA firmware update to a device, but you’d have to buy a stick plus the license or a RAZ card, so it’ll be more money than the free trial of Homeseer. [url=https://forum.z-wave.me/viewtopic.php?f=3422&t=23122]OTA firmware update? - forum. Probably better to stick with the Homeseer solution since it is their device that you want to upgrade.

Thanks, but it’s odd. The Vera Plus is supposed to be Z-Wave Plus compliant but doesn’t support one of the main Plus features that is OTA firmware upgrades

Vera Plus does support OTA firmware but only for the firmware/devices that Vera wants to publish (which at this point is none). Support however will help set this up if asked for your Vera/Switches (as it evident on other threads where support has helped folks do a firmware update on their device). They just don’t currently expose this for end user tinkering. My guess, they have so many other bugs to squash this power user feature is it no where close to their radar.

Asked Vera support and they reply was that it’s not supported. So I’m looking for other options. Thanks!

As a follow-up, upgraded the HomeSeer dimmers to firmware 5.19 and it now works great. Before the firmware upgrade, connection would be spotty. After the upgrade, connection is solid. Feedback works great, so scenes on Vera triggered by these dimmers execute almost instantly.
However I still have issues with the HomeSeer switches. Out of three switches on the same room, all with the same firmware 5.14, one switch works great with instant feedback. Another switch, which is on the same box as the one working well, barely communicates with Vera, who’s showing connection errors. Another switch works most of the time but has to be polled, no feedback and associations don’t seem to work either.
To upgrade, got a Z-Wave.me UZB ZWave plus USB interface (works great), but HomeSeer, which is a windows .net app, did not work well on Linux (It would start but could not download the Z-Wave plugin, which is optional), and worked more or less unreliably on a Windows VM, so finally got it on a Windows tablet and upgrades went fine from there. I could not get Homeseer to work as a secondary controller to Vera so had to unpair each box from Vera, pair it with Homeseer, upgrade, and re-pair them again, going through scenes again and re-mapping them on ha-bridge. So it was a PITA, but worth it now have working dimmers.