Upgrading to 7.09

I received the email stating that I could upgrade now. When I go to the web page and click on the Upgrade button I get:

An error has occurred while trying to process your request. Please try again later!
Error: no session token

I can log into my VeraLite through the web just fine.

Anyone else have this problem? It doesn’t matter if I use IE, Safari or Firefox.

I got the same email (3 times). I’d wait a week. The release notes are also not there yet. [url=http://support.getvera.com/customer/portal/topics/666697-release-notes/articles]http://support.getvera.com/customer/portal/topics/666697-release-notes/articles[/url]

Cheers Rene

http://support.getvera.com/customer/portal/articles/2043352-ui7-▾-version-7-0-9-1-7-619-1-7-1248-▾-july-1-2015 :slight_smile:

Just upgraded remotely and it seems to have gone fine…

Same here

BOFH will be happy, the vision glass break sensor not untripping has been fixed.

Woohoo!!! Running update now.

See? What did I say? During the upgrade, there was a warning message about a change in handling of the battery operating devices causing them to have to reconfigure… So indeed, I have sensors reconfiguring now.

BOFH not happy. :frowning: It seems to have fixed the glass break sensor but it’s broken my Blue Iris plugin driven cameras. I just updated my BI server and figured I’d modify the camera’s to the new IP and names.

Under advanced settings, changes on the Params tab are recognized and processed. (eg the IP address) However, the values on the Variables tab (such as the camera name) don’t seem to stick. As soon as I modify the 2nd camera, the 1st one I modified, reverts the camera names on the variables back to the old value. This also happens when I create new camera devices. As they default to the Index name. I change it and try to add or change another camera and boom, it goes back to index.

This is extremely frustrating as I am unable to re-use my old BI server as I had intended. I just realized, it’s been a few months since I last added a camera or modified one. So it may have broken in an earlier release. The only kludge I can see now is to rename all my camera’s on the new BI 4.0 server to the ones I used on my old BI 3.x one. censored

Upgraded because of a fix they put in for notifications for me and it partly, sort off, a wee bit, kinda works. But the WWN is now KAPUT and gives the message ------ Vera Connect WWN : Invalid or missing TOKEN! Please go to ‘Authorize’ tab and authorize VeraConnect once again!-----. Did authorization 8 times without success. Makes the error message disappear for a few seconds and then it reappears.

Fix some, break some, ???

Did not have the wifi client functionality which was on the 1222 beta. This would have been useful. I guess not ready yet…


Vera Edge Update - wifi client setup will not work/not be displayed if:

  • Secure Vera is enabled
  • user is connected over relay
  • wifi ssid is hidden
  • wifi router has dhcp disabled
  • no manual connection settings for wifi

I have successfully upgraded remotely my 2 VeraLItes to the 1.7.619 version with a couple of difficulties :

  1. Zwave backup failed on both VeraLites with error “Delivery failed” . OK after manual reboot of the controllers

  2. Loss of connection of 1 Veralite after launching the firmware upgrade . A new login from the UI has restablish the connection.

No regression so far.

The Vera Mobile app has been also upgraded to version 7.1.118 but I am not using this app because for me Imperihome is much more advanced and friendly ( can mange multi controllers in the same time)

NOTE 1: It is difficult to understand the real correction from the release notes document , for example " Bug Minor Aeon Smart Switch DSC24 - 110 Volt Web UI " …I have one but cannot check anything

NOTE 2 : The status of the case that I sent to Vera Support is unknown so I do not know if “my” cases are fixed or not

NOTE3 : A dedicated chapter should be created in the release notes document for easy understanding of the improvements related to the supported devices.

NOTE 4 : A dedicated chapter " Pending" should be created in the release notes document to inform the user community of the main problems to be fixed with case#

EDIT 03/07/2015 : The Zwave network backup function has changed and takes a long time ( new messages displayed during execution)

Backup : Backing up 0… 1000… 16000 of m_iDataSize
ZWave : Configuring Z-Wave devices in your system.

Hi ehillis,

Please take a look at this workaround : http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,31828.msg239974.html#msg239974

Best Regards,

  • Andrei -


That did not work as I get a code error

Ugh, I knew I shouldn’t have upgraded…it broke WWN plugin! And the “fix” doesn’t do anything to fix it. I can’t believe how every update that has come out since I’ve had my VeraEdge has broken something.

When I called and reported the WWN issue they said they were aware of it and are working on it. I submitted a ticket for it so hopefully it isn’t forgotten.

@ehillis, @dubbedout,

Please submit a support ticket and my colleagues will help you fix the issue.

Best Regards,

  • Andrei -

“Under SETUP->Z-WAVE SETTINGS->OPTIONS, there are five checkboxes” but no longer, there are now four. Does anyone know which option was removed and why?

Must everyone submit a support request for Nest to be fixed?