Upgrading OpenWRT

Running a Vera 2 and UI5. Just wondering, since OpenWRT is up to 15.05-rc3 if I can upgrade the OpenWRT side of my Vera 2 or if this is a quick path to an electronic brick.

That’s brick territory.

The MiOS partition will be hardcoded against a particular version of OpenWrt. OpenWrt has a habit of moving configuration files around a bit between releases. Unless you hunt for and find every single OpenWrt reference in the MiOS partition and update it, you’ll miss out on something important, like, say, a working network.

You raise a good point though: Vera2 is not getting security updates and it’s near impossible for you to apply your own. This is one of the great unsolved problems with the Internet of Things.

Well, I am a little OCD about having the latest software/firmware versions. UI5 is the highest version for the Vera 2 as well?

Don’t worry, owning a Vera will cure you of that.