"Upgrade" from HomeSeer2 to Vera3

After years of limping along with absolutely the terrible HomeSeer2 software to run my Z-wave home, I plunked down the money for HomeSeer3, only to discover that through some act of madness they managed to produce a product that was even worse than HomeSeer2. Not only that, the upgrade path from HS2 to HS3 is basically nonexistent. So, I took this is my opportunity to dump HomeSeer and move to a Vera3.

However, it is not at all obvious how to get my Z-wave network information into Vera, either directly from the USB Z-wave stick, or from HomeSeer. From reading the descriptions, it doesn’t sound like either “Controller Shift” or “Add Mios to another Zwave Network” will help me. Attempting to add HomeSeer as a “handheld remote” doesn’t seem right either. Plugging the Z-wave USB directly into Vera and changing the USB port in the Vera setup cause of my devices to (mostly) show up in Vera, but then there was no way to get Vera to retain that device information once the Z-wave stick was removed.

I have nearly 100 Z-wave devices in my home. I really don’t want to have to go around the house removing each of them from the old HomeSeer/Z-wave stick, and then add them into Vera. If there is any way to tell Vera to import all that information and become primary, I’m sure it would save me hours.

Note that I am running my HomeSeer Z-wave network on a Wayne Dalton WDUSB-10 USB stick. I also have, but I’m not using, and Aeon Labs Z-Stick Z-wave USB adapter (DSA02203?ZWUS), and an Intermatic HomeSettings HA22 Z-wave stick. Either of these could be pressed into service if necessary to make this work. Note too that I do NOT have a Z-troller device.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!