Updates for Web UI - Beta 0.5.2 (Ezlo Hubs only)

We are glad to announce updates for Web UI - Beta 0.5.2 !

Link: ezlogic.mios.com

MeshBot fields validation. Additionally to fields validation we support validation in edit mode for groups any depth. The border of unedited blocks are displayed in blue.

Bug fixes:

  1. MeshBot name is not changed when controller selection change
  2. Restore MeshBot fields in case of leaving MeshBot page and then returning back by clicking “Continue”
  3. Device’s current value on MeshBot page in Action

When might we expect to see proper device extended attributes and variables that can be selected in triggers and actions in Meshbot rules ?

This very old limited basic stuff, you have just carried over from the native Vera scenes architecture from the previous EOL platform, is not going to cut it as a proper “logic engine”.

An example, in a trigger on a Thermostat device.

In Meshbots I get this limited hold the users hand weedy little drop down box of possible device “situations” I don’t know what to call them? Possible states ? That the system decides to present to me.

Either way its extremely frustrating and limiting. I want to choose what I use and select not the system.

By comparison in MSR for the same Thermostat device as a trigger device against a Vera Plus controller, I see all the possible device attributes and variables.


If I wanted basic Vera scenes I’d use Vera scenes on a Vera firmware hub.

Please expose all device attributes and variables in the Meshbot rules.

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Actions for the same Thermostat device as an example:

Meshbot rule:

MSR rule:


And to add insult to injury MSR against an Ezlo Plus controller with the same Thermostat device or any other device type you care to mention exposes more of the device attributes and variables in rule triggers and actions




Just expose every thing to the Meshbot “rules engine”.

PLEG was the same also we saw and could select everything.

Do it like Kodi Media Center if you must, out of the box when you go to settings you only see “Basic” settings. However you can switch to “Expert” mode and then see all possible settings.

Oh and BTW I can confirm your new valuation feature seems to work OK :flushed:

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Personally, I would vote for this. Most of the time I suspect one of the “standard” attributes/actions is all I would need. For my thermostats, for example, I am only likely to use triggers of either temperature or humidity, and likely only to set temperature, and maybe mode. I would rather not have to wade through a list of dozens of options - some with similar or confusing names - just to be able to set up a basic “when the humidity goes above 70% turn on the exhaust fan” scene.

That said, there are times when the “standard” stuff may not be enough, so being able to expose the “advanced” attributes would be nice.

All the power in the world is useless if it is not easy to use - and If I have to make a choice, I personally choose “easy to use” over “highly powerful”

Looking to the state of development of the platform it is a nice to have that can be on the Backlog. But there is more important stuff to get developed right now.


Not seeing any progress on the login issues reported. So did some ten minute investigation and found it is caused by the authentication requests the portal uses. For the https://vera-us-oem-autha11.mios.com/autha/auth/username you are not properly populating the SHA1PasswordCS value. This value is required for mixed case user IDs. Please fix this. It must be dead simple to do.

Rene please can you submit a Jira ticket with your issues and findings and give us the url link.

I myself haven’t had any login issues with the EZLOgic or the Dashboard Configurator.


@reneboer Is it the dashboard login issue you mentioned ? Do you still have the issue ?

Hi @osman, yes still the same issue. I think anyone with uppercase character(s) in their user name will have the same issue still.

Hi reneboer, we have fixed issue now, It should be deployed any minute

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There are still other issues. Now it does not show my controllers anymore, only one off line one in some panels. The v1/request with parameters {call: “controller_group_list”} gives an error 500 response.

Please make a mixed case user id and do some proper testing your self.

Hi @reneboer , its not related to mixed case issue. Its another issue we are aware of and fixing it.

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