Updates for Web UI - Beta 0.5.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

We are glad to announce updates for Web UI - Beta 0.5.1 !

Link: ezlogic.mios.com


  • Device’s current value for Triggers and Actions.
    It is possible to see real time device’s value.


  • Date and Time → Custom Time
  • Date and Time → Special Time Of The Day

Known issues:
MeshBot fields validation. We are working on it and will provide updates under Beta 0.5.2 version.


Is there list of Icons included in this - or previous versions? During customization I’ve tried various icon names - and have guessed a few ~ 94 so far.
Additionally - is there a method to upload custom icons I have made?

Icons for Dashboard?

For Dashboard - when I am working to create a new dashboard for a room.

In the future it will be available in our marketplace. For now you can download it from internet and use anything you want.

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