Updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.13.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

@blacey Our current expressons library does not support for third part libraries. But I found some pure lua code for json parsing, you can try this.

@osman Thank you for the clarification and help. So, once the EZLogic plugin “installation” bugs are fixed next week such that I am able to install the ezlo_protocols plugin, will it be possible to use the “HTTP Manager” device from the ezlo_plugins to pull the weather conditions from OpenWeather as json and then parse the results in an expression to set a variable that I can use as a trigger? The part I am missing is how an expression can access the json results in the HTTP Manager - if I were able to install the plugin, I might have a better idea…

[quote=“blacey, post:22, topic:21875
ezlo_protocols.tar.zip (7.5 KB)
s in the HTTP Manager

Can you try this tar.gz file for installation with upload pls

Yes, in the other thread, I was able to successfully upload the plugin. I created a meshbot to perform the http get action but I’m not sure how to view/debug the results and/or pass them to a Lua Expression for parsing and use…