Updated RGBW Devices in 7.15 - Dimmers displaying value but won't change

Got a couple of Dimmers set up to talk to a Fibaro RGBW controller.

Since the latest firmware upgrade they display the value of the brightness / White channel, but I can’t update the value from Homewave.

If I change the brightness on the web interface, homewave updates to show the new value.

Is this a known issue or fixable?

As a side note the RGBW plugin doesn’t work with the updated types either. :frowning:

If you change the brightness on the web interface, does the light actually change?

Hi inveltr,

Turns out there was an issue with the RGB Plugin and the new RGB device type in the latest firmware. You can catch the highlights around here:


Additionally during the upgrade, the original child devices get recreated and new DeviceID’s are issued. The new Vera RGB device looks like it could make the original plugin redundant for many RGB devices, might be worth looking at adding support in Homewave for the new devices in the next version?