Universal Plugin Feature Request - Deactivate/"act like I'm not here"

Hi All,

Any of you who have dealt with Vera support know that invariably you’re asked to remove plugin X/Y to facilitate troubleshooting.

As we often have a lot of time and effort to get our systems working, it’d be great if there was a way to “disable” a plugin so that it doesn’t execute any code/functions and be little more than a Web UI element. Once it’s been proven that the plug has no impact on the system it could be enabled with the click of a mouse.

Is this a feasible addition on a plugin level, or would it need to be built into Vera’s code?


Each Vera device is already created with a “disabled” attribute.

Not many plugins heed this attribute… Adding support could be as simple as adding a single line of code to the plugins startup code.

All of my plugins (Wink Connect, Caseta Connect, EVL3Vista) honor this attribute, and do minimal required tasks before exiting.

Support would only trust it if it was a VERA supported feature.
So they would still ask you to remove your plugins.