(Unintentional) Delayed light in a scene

I have a scene where four lights are turned off and two are turned on. I’ve been trying to figure out why one of the lights that turns on takes 10-30 seconds when the scene is activated. When the light is controlled individually it takes only a second to turn on. I think the problem may be that one of the lights that is turned off doesn’t communicate very well and usually takes multiple retries. It seems like Vera waits around for that light to acknowledge before dealing with some of the other lights.

So…, I removed the most balky light from the scene, and it mostly resolved the problem. However, I need to be able to control that light in the scene. Is there anything I can do to re-order the light control in the scene, or is there some other method to fix this? Thanks for any help.

why don’t you process the problematic light at the end. when editing the scene, the advanced tab shows the order of operations.

Thanks very much for the tip! I had no idea that screen even existed. Too bad the devices can’t be re-ordered directly. I was able to confirm that they appear to be processed in the order on the screen. I still have some delay in the light, but I think this has helped.