Understanding Thermostat Control

I am contemplating purchasing a Vera system and have questions about thermostat control. Correct me if I am wrong… A program-rich thermostat that can be programmed at the box is not as important since it will be controlled with Vera. Meaning, I do not need a fancy display or the ability to program individual days or multiple set points at the thermostat because Vera is going to tell the thermostat when to kick on. I need to focus on thermostat functionality such as humidifier control, fan speed control, auto heat/cool changeover etc. to ensure Vera can fully control my system.

It would be great for the program override at the thermostat to work with Vera (e.g. for when my wife when she gets cold or hot). Does that functionality work?

I have a Carrier multistage system with a multi-speed blower. Anyone set one of these up?

i was looking into this too and still considering to make it total z-waved. the thermostate itself does seem to direct control the heating/cooling system and fans but the vera does not steer it as directly as i would like it to. so my plan is as follows. attach some z-wave switches to the separate devices i have and a good temperature sensor inside and outside, humidity sensor, light sensor, wind sensor etc. and some program logic in the vera. as it is going to steer a glass house of about 7500 (50x150) square meters it should be a very reliable system. current system is functioning but allready 20 years old and about at the time to renew. any suggestions would be nice. bear in mind this is not a kids-toy lol. going to involve at least 200 z-wave devices.