Unable to install plugins

So in trying to upgrade the DSC plugin on my main Ezlo Plus controller (serial 90000478), I apparently managed to get the system into some sort of bad state. At this point, attempts to install any plugin results in a message stating “An error occurred while installing”. I have restarted the unit several times (both through the web interface as well as physically unplugging the unit), as well as trying from both Safari and Chrome browsers on my mac with the same result.

Perhaps related, when I pull up the dashboard on Safari, it still shows the DSC zones (yes, I have emptied caches and shift-reloaded several times, as well as restarting Safari), but when I pull it up on Chrome the zones aren’t shown (as expected, since the plugin is not installed).

The full sequence of events that led me to this point:

  • Had DSC plugin installed and working
  • Saw there was an update to the DSC plugin, so I installed it.
  • After install, saw that I now had two copies of the DSC plugin installed, both showing devices, so I removed the old version by clicking the trash can. This removed all devices.
  • Re-configured the new version
  • At this point, the zones showed up but were non-functional. after some additional troubleshooting, such as re-configuring and double-checking settings, I gave up for a while
  • Today I decided to take another stab by completely removing the plugin, restarting my unit, and starting from scratch. Unfortunately, at this point no plugins will install (including other plugins like the Ezlo Protocols Plugin), so I have gotten no further than removing the plugin.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Israel,

Thank you for contacting tech support

Please let us know if you give us the authorization to create support credentials to access your controller since the remote access alone is not enough to troubleshoot the issue you’re experiencing. We also may need to change the firmware on your controller. Please also let us know the last time you recall the controller creating a backup successfully, so we can use that backup in case it is necessary.

We will send you a PM so we can replicate the issue and, continue with a more personalized support experience.

Certainly. In fact, I believe such credentials already exist, but feel free to create new ones.

This I have no idea on. I haven’t made any recent changes, however, so any backup in the past six months or so should be fine. I haven’t manually created any backups prior to today, however.

Exact same thing happened to me with the Philips Hue plugin.

Had to pair and setup all devices again.

Currently plugins are not upgradable. Its on their to do list apparently.