Unable to get any information on node

I am getting the message “Unable to get any information on node” for every node in my small network after a simple power reset of my Vera lite. Nothing else changed. No new nodes, did not move the controller, etc. I have tried healing multiple times and each time it goes through every node and says it is unable to get information. I have a total of 5 devices and all were working fairly well before the power reset of the controller. Now they are all red and after waiting all night, no improvement. I have read all of the posts I could find regarding this message and the only suggestion that seems to have worked for anyone in this situation is to rebuild the whole network. I cannot believe this is the only answer! If so, I may be looking at replacing the Vera instead.

Does someone have a better answer to help resolve this problem? Thanks in advance.

BTW, I am running firmware 1.5.622 which appears to be the latest.

It sounds as though your configuration got cleared for some reason. I would try restoring from your last backup. If you haven’t made a local one, you should be able to get one of the ones that gets sent automatically to the MCV server. If you have not already logged in, first do so on the ACCOUNT tab and then go to SETUP → Backup and you should see a list of available backups.

I’m having exactly the same problem. What did you end up doing?