Unable to Configure the node of motion sensor.

I have some problem with vera 2. I am new with this vera 2.I have to configure a motion sensor ZIR 010 and then control the Z-wave light ( application module) as we can easily add devices but we cant do with this motion sensor ZIR 010 .When we go to configure then always said "Unable to configure node"I change some value in addvanced setting like desired value or data type but it notworks.
So please give me some dictation that how i can config the Node of motion sensor.


Make sure you have the EU version (ZIR010, not ZIR000), reset the device by excluding it from your Z-Wave network, include it to your Z-Wave manual, consult the manual at http://www.act-remote.com/HPW/Inst/ZIR010_instr.pdf:

ZIR010 must be installed in its permanent location. To include or exclude the ZIR010 from the Z-Wave network, press the brown button marked “button” (inside) when prompted by a Z-Wave controller. For ZIR010 to work properly over longer distances (i.e. communicate via more nodes), add it to the network after you have added all other non-battery operated devices. Now replace the cover and screw. [b]The ZIR010 will stay “awake” for ten minutes when power is first applied to allow time for configuration.[/b]