Unable to clear alerts

When I go to the Alerts tab in the Vera app, I see a list of alerts that I can navigate thru, just fine, but then I want to delete them. If I try to swipe and delete them, I get the message “Failed to delete all the alerts. Please try again.” If I try to delete them using the “Edit” button and then select one, or more, or even all, and then touch “Delete Selected”, I get the same messasge, “Failed to delete all the alerts. Please try again.”

Is there some other way to try to do it, or is it not possible to delete alerts that have been seen and no longer need to be retained?


If this happens when the controller was showing you the controller is busy updating data, it is expected, as the controller will not be able to carry any other actions while it is writing to the user_data file, so the power cycle I suggested on the other thread you open will probably take care of the issue.

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