Unable to access vera lite via micasaverde website

Since we had a power failure in our area i am unable to access my veralite remote. I try (as i used to) to open it by login in on www.micasaverde.com
Hower i get the message that ‘It is unable to communicatie with my unit. Please be sure the unit is powered and connected to internet’ in a yellow bar.
When i access the unit at home via an ip adres there is no problem whatsoever. The unit does have connection with the internet.
And really i did change a thing.
Also, when using AutHomation on my android smartphone i can turn on and off lights, which can be seen via my webcam.
There is a port forwarding on port 3470 in my router. Which i always had and its still active. Can someone maybe help me with this ?

Try this when you’re at home connectin locally goto:
Setup > Network & Wifi > Reset to default network settings.
Save and then reload.
Test connection via cpui5.mios.com


Are you saying you cannot connect to the dashboard remotely, but through AutHomation it works fine, remotely? (And everything is fine locally).

As @Brientim said, same symptom when connecting through https://cpui5.mios.com ?