Unable to Access Unit (was: Blinking Green light, bricked device?)

Brand new Versa 3, just opened box. Following quick-start guide, plugged CAT5 into my router, power into wall.

Green power light blinks, fast, constantly. Nothing else every happens. We’re talking minutes, hours - nothing but a fast-blinking green light.

Tested set-up online, it can’t find device, tried reset, doesn’t seem to do anything; power cycled; direct-connected to my PC - nothing happens, can’t talk to it, can’t change the light pattern. I got myself a brick???

There are a couple threads of similar issues, especially this one: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,11787.msg85282.html - but it’s old and I believe for a different device. There are FAQs on flashing the firmware, but none for the Versa 3.

Be sure to note - I have never seen one byte of data from this device. It’s never responded, never done anything.

Help, Please. Called tech support and left VM. Realize it’s the weekend. I bought a big box of stuff from SmartHome, it’s all about to be packaged back up and sent back on Monday. Quite frustrating, gotta say.

Send me a PM with the serial and mac address please.


Grateful for tech support call-back on a Saturday of Easter Weekend…

Walked through a bunch of things and then determined I was using the incorrect power cable. Had no idea such a thing could cause these problems.

Note: Manual stated 2 cables, one with 2 lights, one with 1. I received 2 power adapters, and checked their output’s which I believe were identical. Switched which one I was using and it started working.

Now running into an issue:
Unable to access unit. Please check if the unit is in the same network as you.

It’s “seeing” the unit, but then not allowing me to set it up. Will try to push through this now… At least its responding.


Here is my current problem in a quick 30 second video. I’m stumped, any help is gratefully appreciated



I am able to speak to the Vera 3 through my laptop on - I had set it up to get its addresses via DHCP. I just went in and turned “off” the firewall which noted it could be controlled via LAN and WAN ports. My desktop computer is NOT connected to the Vera 3 directly, but through a router (the 10.x.x.x gateway).

I am now able to control the device from a browser hitting its IP address directly, just not through the public facing web site. Question is, what ramifications will this have for me longer term? Will I be able to use Android apps from home or outside of the home. I think i need to get this addressed still.

Thought this would solve my problem. It did not. Still seeking answers/solution…