UI8 new interface

I also find that geofencing is not very reliable, but overall it works pretty well I like it, thank you to the development team.

Hello timmy,

Thank you for your feedback and support!


how did you try the UI8 please, is there a way to download it and try it?

@Sorin, with the public availability now complete with 7.29, can you give us details with regards to UI8. UI7 looks and feels old and outdated. One upgrade done, still nervous to upgrade my Edge. I would like to get both running current FW and get a new UI that is friendly and customized to our liking with out having to load an app/plugin! Anything would be very much appreciated!

I was trying to find out are there any new information on the UI8 so I ended up in this dead topic.

Are there any news on the UI8?
Has Vera completely given up on it or are they just working on it for more then few years to long?

Doubt there will ever be a UI8 for Vera.

And there isn’t even a Web GUI for the Ezlo hubs.


it will happen, we have to wait, not everything is built in a day … Even if I am impatient like you all

… UI8 won’t happen it’s been made very clear. The last Vera FW we’re getting is 7.32 which is already in Dev beta and has no changes to the Ui. If you’re saying we’ll get a GUI for the Ezlo hubs yes that will happen, but no one knows when.

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