UI7 ▾ Vera Software Update ▾ 7.0.30 - Nov 20, 2019

So I have a loaded VeraSecure with many APPs and a few PLEGs (it has some issues from time to time).
Following now a few weeks into this last update with all the problems and broken units posted here, my question is: is it now safe to upgrade the unit or should I forget this update??
Has development made any changes to the update itself in view of comments and responses given here? or is it the same as it was when released?

Thanks for responding.

Forget it. You will likely have problems and vera does not seem to be responding.

What Vera support 2nd line tells me:
Regarding the firmware, to be honest, you can do it whenever you wish, but this firmware comes with some changes on the OpenWRT version, memory partitions and more. You can check more details here: UI7 ▾ Vera Software Update ▾ 7.0.30 - Nov 20, 2019

Some Vera Secure and Vera plus had issues, not many issues were reported from vera Edges so far.

Put Philio pan06e pan04 with subcategory_num 0 to have the lamp icon.
For almost a year now, pan06 and pan04 have had the generic icon, and they have never corrected this problem!

Question to Edge users.
Is there any noticeable improvement after the Update?
I’m fence sitting but tempted to upgrade…

The improvement on the zwave network should be massive if you have more than say 15-20 devices and you disable all the overhead stuff I discuss in this thread.

I am running the firmware on the older OS from 7.0.29 and on a much newer custom OS on various test machines, cloud free ,and it is pretty solid.

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Thx, I doubt I’d get any better performance then as I applied your fixes already on 7.0.29.

The fixes don’t work without before 7.30 firmware update… They were enabled by @edward on 7.30 and tested during the alpha.

I am completely convinced now that all the breaking problems are from changes in the OS and kernel.

You have me totally confused on what FW you are running.

So what is it, .29 or .30?

I have multiple machines (two VP, one V Edge, One Emulator). They all run the latest 7.30 version of the luup engine but on different OS than the release. The firmware is composed of many components:
The OS which is openWRT Barrier Breaker (14.07).
The kernel which is a version of linux 3.14.xx customized by mios.
And the rootFS which has all of the mios programs including the luup engine and the dreaded network monitor causing the Xmas light mode.
There is strong dependancy between the kernel and the OS. In order to maintain extroot, I kept all my units on the kernel and OS of 7.0.29 and only upgraded the rootfs to 7.0.30 build 4833/4832.

Now I understand, you made a bitza and rolled your own.
So, I can’t use your system(s) as a performance benchmark against unmolested Vera’s.
I think I’ll stay as I am until Vera work out what they are doing, incidentally I have upgraded a spare Edge that I was saving for the upcoming Alpha and didn’t find any noticeable difference. (very few devices)

You rock!
You are miles ahead… they should have hired you :smile:

Note that I provided the scripts to do what I did in the extroot thread. I prefer to do it that way so that it is always reversible and you are only updating files on the external drive, preventing you from bricking anything. Reversal is done by only unplugging the external SSD and reboot.

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To be honest no major noticeable difference that I can put a finger on. The upgrade went fine and when it finished setup came back up with no reported problems.

Maybe if all those who upgraded their Edge could report back their results good or bad a clearer picture could be gathered. I’m thinking it’s a case of no news is good news I suppose.

I bought my Edge to test the upcoming new Linux-based firmware but installed 7.30 as a test. No issues, but it only has one Z-Wave device, ALTUI and System Monitor installed.

Yes, that’s my dilemma as well, 1 Relay and PLEG.
Suely there must be Edge users out there with 20+ devices that have upgraded?

Yes they are, tens of thousands actually :slight_smile: but people tend to share their experiences only when they are negative. :sweat_smile:

Can’t blame them. I find myself doing the same thing, when my car runs smoothly I don’t go out on the brand’s community forum and say how happy I am with my cool & weird car with almost 150k miles on board which has been lugging things the manufacturer never thought it would be possible, but when a light pops up in-dash you bet I’ll make a post about it - and a damn angry one.


If I would have a postive experience I would certainly share it here! Have done that multiple times in the past.

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Sorry Sorin, I’m sceptical, I’ve been bitten by Vera upgrades before and this one has no going back which makes it such a difficult decision.

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Updated two Edge, each with 15+ devices. And one Plus, which I’m now moving from one of Edge.
While everything works. I’m afraid to breathe))

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