UI7 ▾ Vera Software Update ▾ 7.0.30 - Nov 20, 2019

I’m running the 4819 7.30 Protect release for the V+ that @sorin posted but that may have been pulled??? All betas before that with pretty good luck. A little bumpy recently but nothing I wouldn’t expect by running betas along the way to the final release.

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All good advices! Please don’t go crazy when you get the xmas light mode problem. Generally after a few attempts, it ends up booting without having to do anything else. In the worst case, you have to run a restore from backup and this is about it.
I can only say that if this is related to internet connections, it is way too sensitive. I have zero problem with my internet connection and even have dual WAN failover. I had ~80% failure to reboot with the released 7.0.30.

The remedies for now are one of the following:

  1. If you don’t use the mios cloud (remote access, mobile app) disable the network monitor program.
  2. If you really need the above functionalities of the vera then the only solution I found so far has been to start from a 7.0.29 setup, never having upgraded to 7.0.30. Get it extrooted and run the non standard upgrade script I offered in th extroot thread. I have now verified for over 20 manual reboots that I never get this problem Vs. the 80% failure rate with a standard upgrade.

Indeed, through my testing, I found that the Christmas Light mode can be prevented using the same network monitor program running the previous kernel. The kernel is on a different partition than the rootfs and does not get downgraded if you downgrade from 7.0.30 to 7.0.29.

@phillid2, since your problem is on 7.0.29, it is likely very different from what others are reporting. There is another set of issues if you vera is connected to your network through wifi instead of ethernet.

Had the same reboot to default last night on my Vera Plus running 1.7.4800 (7.30). Did nothing more than just reboot the Vera that has been happily (more or less) running the 4800 firmware since I upgraded weeks ago.
I rebooted my vera because when I attempted to access the dashboard directly, it just showed a “Toggle …” button and two broken picture links. However, accessing from the relay servers worked fine.
Rebooting presented the welcome wizard and a blank dashboard. Luckily the restore including zwave brought everything back. However, it is quite concerning this happened.

Internet connectivity was fine during this time as reporting by cloud controller monitoring, and multiple ping targets way beyond ISP.

I have another Vera Plus at a remote location running 4800 and now displaying a similar screen when directly accessing it via VPN. I am really worried about rebooting that one remotely.

I have a vera secure and it keeps going into “Christmas tree mode”. from my reading it looks like we are waiting for a firmware update? Can support remotely fix this? Is the another solution?

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If you have upgraded already, the only hope is that a new firmware fixes it. For every one on a vera plus or secure: Either do not upgrade or if you want to upgrade, refer to this post and then this post.

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Upgraded my VeraEdge to v7.30 build 1.7.4832 today with zero programs.

Already noticing improvements. My system is not complex, has few add-ons, some 50 devices (mostly lights and thermostats), and maybe 15 scenes.


When will the “Christmas lights” be fixed?


We’d all love to know!

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‘Tis the season?

I have a VeraSecure and it has been having issues with Alexa/Google connectivity (“the hub … is not available. Please check its network or power connections.”) since 7.30 went in.

Vera Support, after several days, requested I do the ol’ network reset. I did. No change.

I did a reboot of the unit and it seemed happy for a bit but has regressed again this evening, a few short hours later.

No further responses from Support.

So I have a loaded VeraSecure with many APPs and a few PLEGs (it has some issues from time to time).
Following now a few weeks into this last update with all the problems and broken units posted here, my question is: is it now safe to upgrade the unit or should I forget this update??
Has development made any changes to the update itself in view of comments and responses given here? or is it the same as it was when released?

Thanks for responding.

Forget it. You will likely have problems and vera does not seem to be responding.

What Vera support 2nd line tells me:
Regarding the firmware, to be honest, you can do it whenever you wish, but this firmware comes with some changes on the OpenWRT version, memory partitions and more. You can check more details here: UI7 ▾ Vera Software Update ▾ 7.0.30 - Nov 20, 2019

Some Vera Secure and Vera plus had issues, not many issues were reported from vera Edges so far.

Put Philio pan06e pan04 with subcategory_num 0 to have the lamp icon.
For almost a year now, pan06 and pan04 have had the generic icon, and they have never corrected this problem!

Question to Edge users.
Is there any noticeable improvement after the Update?
I’m fence sitting but tempted to upgrade…

The improvement on the zwave network should be massive if you have more than say 15-20 devices and you disable all the overhead stuff I discuss in this thread.

I am running the firmware on the older OS from 7.0.29 and on a much newer custom OS on various test machines, cloud free ,and it is pretty solid.

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Thx, I doubt I’d get any better performance then as I applied your fixes already on 7.0.29.

The fixes don’t work without before 7.30 firmware update… They were enabled by @edward on 7.30 and tested during the alpha.

I am completely convinced now that all the breaking problems are from changes in the OS and kernel.

You have me totally confused on what FW you are running.

So what is it, .29 or .30?

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