UI7 - Saving Vera Alerts Configuration Prior to UI 7.19

There have been problems saving changes to Message Overrides since earlyl in 2016.

MCV has changed the API for scenes in UI 7.19 to solve various problems with scenes. (Notifications in Vera are implemented as scenes).
If you are having problems with Saving Vera Alerts I recommend upgrading to the UI 7.19 firmware.

And upload the attached Vera Alerts File (Apps -> Develop Apps -> Luup Files -> Upload)
(Remove the .txt extension first!)

I will be releasing this about 1 week after Vera Makes the 7.19 release official.

If you constantly get a message indicating that XXX notifications have been updated when you open the Vera Alert Editor … you are having problems saving changes.
With this update, you should only get this messages when a notification is created or changed!

Has this been pushed out via apps.mios.com now or is it still a manual update?

It’ in MCV audit for a couple of days.
When you see Version 7.21 … you will not need this patch.

running VeraPlus UI7 1.7.2414

just uploaded the .js you posted and now get “ERROR : Error in lua for scenes and events”

I tried opening Vera Alerts device and, didn’t modify anything, then closed it and got the message “Failed to save system configuration.”

thoughts on how to troubleshoot?


Hi, i had the same. Follow the first post and press f5 or try another browser. It was a caching problem with me.

just tried both Chrome (always use this for Vera) & FF (my daily browser for everything else)… same problem.

Do you see version exp2.0 in reports? Reports from veralerts? Else you dont have rhe latest…

says 7.15 … I looked at the file Richard posted, it shows Version:“7.15” inside the file

Can you please post or send me your version? I’m going to force the re-install of the app using the URL but would like to get this fixed with the manual update if possible. thx

It is in the 1st post. That is the version.

that is what caused the problem for me… and it says version 7.15, not exp2.0

I just reloaded the app store version and the error is gone.

So sorry, this is exp2.0: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,37675.0.html

After the upgrade to latest firmware I can’t create any new scenes, and every time I exit VeraAlerts I see this error:

Failed to save system configuration.

I’ve installed the .js in the original post, but no change.

Any suggestions? (I’ve opened a ticket with support for this issue, and have an already open one where I can’t create associations and see the same error message).

Open the link in the post above yours

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Been looking through my user_data.json to see if I can find what Vera is choking on. Current status is can’t change any configuration other than adding or deleting devices. Can’t modify scenes, enable/disable notifications etc.

Looking at Vera Alerts related things I see about 17 alerts in the format of:

“lua”: "–[[StartVeraAlerts]]luup.call_action(‘urn:richardgreen:serviceId:VeraAlert1’,‘DeviceNotification’, …

And others in the form of:

“lua”: "LS1bW1N0YXJ0VmVyYUFsZXJ0c11dbHV1cC5jYWxsX2FjdGlvbigndXJuOnJpY2hhcmRncmVlbjpzZXJ2aWNlSWQ6VmVyYUFsZXJ0MS …

associated with “encoded_lua”: 1

Should all of the VeraAlerts scene edits be in the encoded format now?

this appears to be yet another Vera bug.
It seems you might need to encode things even if they do not need to be encoded.

You can force Vera Alerts to modify everything by going to settings … then disable Notifications … exit …
Then open again and enable notifications.

[quote=“RichardTSchaefer, post:16, topic:194477”]this appears to be yet another Vera bug.
It seems you might need to encode things even if they do not need to be encoded.

You can force Vera Alerts to modify everything by going to settings … then disable Notifications … exit …
Then open again and enable notifications.[/quote]


Doing this cleared the saving configuration error and I was able to make changes to scenes, associations etc. if I made changes to a message override I had to repeat it, I guess veraalerts is still selectively encoding on single modification?

Any chance of a hotfix JS file with always encode set to validate the Vera bug?

Edit: can only create or modify scenes if they don’t have a notification. Presumably due to selective encoding again.

Tried this process. It toke 4 tries to get Process Notification to uncheck? Now I can not get it to go back On? Frustrated & will wait and see what things look like in the Morn.

If you have any other scenes with LUA in them … that are not part of a Notification … then there is still a MCV bug.

The latest change to the Vera Scene API created a chicken and egg problem.
Vera works with scenes that had LUA that are PRE-API change.
However if you have any scene with LUA (And notifications are hidden scenes) than if you try to modify ANY scene (Regular scene or standard scene) you have to modify ALL the scenes to use the new API .

Well my workaround only fixes the notification scenes. It forces all notification scenes to be converted to the new API in one shot. It does not fix NON notification scenes.

Vera is going to have to release a FIX for those that try to save data when you have scenes with LUA.
You may be able to fix this as follows:

  1. Start with the lowest scene.
  2. Edit any scene that has LUA.
    Make a simple change to the LUA like add a space character somewhere …
  3. Save the scene … you will get an error.
  4. Keep doing this until you edit all of your scenes.

DO NOT refresh your browser during this time.

Or put a notification on every scene and let VeraAlerts update them all.

This worked for me. :slight_smile: