UI7 motion triggered video recording

Just upgraded to Vera Edge and UI7 form Vera Lite and UI5. Can anyone indicate how to set up a specific camera to record video for some period upon triggering of a specific armed motion sensor? This was trivial under UI5 individual camera settings but seems to be no obvious way to do this in UI7??

Click on “scenes” located on the left side of the web interface.

Select option to “add scene” located at the top of the page, right side.

Run through the prompts. Once you select the “device” you want to trigger the scene you can select your camera to record or take a picture.

In my set up I have an outdoor motion sensor that when triggered records a video. Very simple.

Thanks thats very helpful- works great!
By the way- is there any way to control the duration of video recorded this way? I seem to get variable lengths of video- sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 15s, sometimes 18s

Not that I am aware of. Vera keeps the clips short due to storage issues. Perhaps in the future with the Advanced Camera Management option that might be offered.

I would say the difference in time is due to network traffic either in our out of your local network.

Most use some sort of DVR for longer video options.

For me, I use the video for that quick viewing to determine what happened. I have a DVR recording 24/7 outside of vera.

Good luck.

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