UI7 Listing scenes?

In UI5 I used to be able to list my scenes like this… (in excell format this is actually columns [scene num] [triggers] [actions]

X 80 All lights on [225] Dining
[226] Kitchen
[227] Bath_Guest
[241] Stair_Upper
[245] Stair_Lower
[303] TEA
[337] Office
[341] Bed_Master
[370] Living
[422] Entry_Hall
[452] Entry setVCvar(265,1,“AllLightsOn”)

So I could save and have a good list to use to carry oveer to other controllers or whatever.

In UI7 I cannot duplicate this feature. How can I otherwise accomplish this?

Install AltUI plugin.
You can find there a list of scenes or devices (with respective device ID’s)