UI7, DSC, and Remote Arming

Sigh… No matter what I do, I cannot get the DSC plugin to allow remote arming. I go to the dialog for the plugin and there is the field “EnableRemoteArm.” If I put “Disarm” or “disarm” into the field, it either is not read back after a restart (goes to default “false”) or gives me an error message the the field should be “false, blank or other value from the Wiki” , or bricks the entire interface and throws up with device not detected after that. The EyezOn interface works fine.

This is a new Veralite with UI7. The DSC plugin is ver .40. I’m getting pretty frustrated with this! The whole purpose of doing this was so I CAN control the alarm! Sheesh!

It was hard enough to get the Vera to see the alarm in the first place.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I’ve had trouble getting UI7 to save the changes I put in as well. I have been putting them in then clicking elsewhere in the same screen. Then I have clicked the New Service tab then clicked reload engine. I have also clicked reload/refresh in the browser and some of this seems to help… Not sure any of this well help but its worth a shot…

Thanks! I seem to have gotten it to ARM, now how to remote disarm!

You need to use the following Partition Actions:

RequestQuickArmMode State=Armed

RequestArmMode will only do Stay Armed if you have an exit door/zone.

To Disarm:

RequestArmMode State=Disarmed PINCode=XXXX

Ah, but it seems I have a Request Armed Mode in UI7?

Sorry I have “DetaledArmMode” and “ArmModeNumber” fields.

Mine works perfect. Check out my screenshots to see where yours is different.

You are confusing Device State Variables with arguments for Device Actions.

What I indicated are the actions that are needed … these are specified in the Advanced Tab for a Scene or PLEG actions.

I had the same issues, seems to be combination of browser cache and restarting the lua engine.

What worked for me was:

  1. enter the parameters in each field on the variables tab, click in another field to make the changed field say ‘changed property command sent’
  2. clicked back
  3. click saved changes
  4. navigated to new service and clicked reload engine - if it returns immediately it didn’t work, in which case go back to the device root click save and rinse and repeat

you can tell if the change took because if you navigate to the variables field the will be set to what you set, if not, they revert back (though I think this is a display bug indicated the engine hasn’t restarted’

at this point reboot the vera and see if that helped.