UI6 support?

I’m currently running Ui6 and wondering if HomeWave will work with the new login features of the Ui6?

No it will not. Not at the moment at least.

  • Garrett

Well so far it working locally. But I’m assuming its not going to work away from home?

Correct, it will work locally. It is the remote access that will not work. This is because MCV has a completely new authentication system in place for remote accessing Vera running UI6. This is a big change and is not a simple thing to implement.

  • Garrett

New to the Vera and immediately upgraded when I plugged it in. I should have spent more time looking at this forum. You don’t know what to look for if you don’t know I guess.

@chacquie - it’s fairly easy to downgrade if you wish to - http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,22728.msg152937.html#msg152937


Thank you flyveleder,

I think I will downgrade just to be able to use the Homewave I purchased. Fwiw the MMS Vera works well. I just am intrigued by the customization options in Homewave.


I’m using home wave on and Ipad locally and when away I use my Samsung Note 3 phone. Homewave has been fun so far and by the time I build everything I want I’m sure will work when away.

I thought HomeWave was iOS only? I’ve got some 'splaining to do to my wife if that’s not correct. She’s running Samsung as well.

HomeWave is iOS only. It will not work with UI6 until changes are made to support MCV’s new authentication system. This goes for every other 3rd party Vera app except for MCV’s own app which is called MMS Vera.

  • Garrett

Sorry came out wrong, I use Ipad with Homewave at home. And I use MMS Vera on my Note 3 when I’m away. I like Homewave but, I couldn’t stand caring a lil Iphone around all day.

I am in the same boat - I would love to keep UI6 but want Homewave to work with it.

I plan to add support for UI6 as soon as MCV publish the details of the new remote access scheme!