UI5 Vs. UI6

My Verlite is on UI6 and is rock solid, although I always use the Advanced Interface and PLEG. I recently tried to add a Vera camera and found that most of the features did not work. Vera Support said that the features would not work with UI6 and that I should upgade to UI7 or downgrade to UI5.

I am considering downgrading to UI5, but have some questions. I don’t want to move to UI5 and find that in a year or two, I need to move to UI7.

Is UI5 still supported by Vera? That is, will they fix it if they find some problem?
Does UI5 have any better or worse “security” than UI6 or UI7?
Does UI5 support all the “devices” that are supported by UI6 and UI7?

Thank you for your time.

If you must move NOW, than it’s best to move back to UI5.
You will be hard pressed to find people that have used UI5 that will recommend UI7.

Support would not have even offered the UI5 option if they though UI7 was a solid release.