UI5: vertical sliders not positioned correctly

The vertical sliders render as they visually should but not according to the specs.

Case in point: the vertical sliders that make up the thermostat in 1.5.255 define left as 3, which means they should be 3*80px relative to the scene group. They are rendered instead with zero x offset from the scene group.

The vertical sliders should be rendered at the defined left offset and the thermostat device should define their left offset as zero for the vertical sliders in order to actually render how they are displayed on the dashboard now.

It seems that the offsets don’t work for this control type. I will do more testing tomorrow to see if other control types are affected too.

The documentation on the UI4 UI5 migration incorrectly defines the dimensions for vertical sliders – what is documented does not match the reality in how it is rendered.


The whole implementation of vertical sliders is very ill designed and clearly not intended for re-use outside of the vera provided thermostat temperature control. The colors are defined by their sequence (first red, second and more are blue) and not defined in the json. The temperature suffix is hard coded(oF/oC, WTF is o? there is a html entity for degrees, °F would be much better).

Apps developers would benefit from fully supported and rationalized controls

Correct, it should’ve been x = 0.5 and y = 3. I updated the page with the correct values.

And you’re right about the hard-coded vertical sliders. I admit that I didn’t give them too much importance, I was more concerned about getting the basic controls right (there’s still work to do).

I submitted a feature request on Mantis (#2030).