UI5 and Vera3 are coming

According with Micasaverde on facebook should be’ this Friday…

Check the image attached.

Yes release date for Vera3 is this Friday the 9th. I already have my units ready for sale but can’t sell until then.

Did you try ui5? Does it work correctly? Regression?


Awesome! I’ve been waiting since 11/22, so I guess not that long. :slight_smile: But I’m excited! Just bought a new house and need some lighting, HVAC and access control at both houses. Got a Vera 2 for the old house, preordered a Vera 3 for the new house.


But now it’s the 9th of december and still there is no upgrade option within my GUI of the Vera2 (Advanced/Firmware) :frowning:

Anyone know why?

Troubles with deployment?


now it's the 9th of december and still there is no upgrade option within my GUI of the Vera2 (Advanced/Firmware)

You might be a little early, it’s only 2 AM in California (see Time of this post). Or in which TimeZone is MicasaVerde based?

That’s true, more patience from my side perhaps :wink:

This is what I see:


How is the upgrade to UI5 supposed to occur? Is there a different url that we should browse to? If you start with cp.mios.com, will it automatically upload UI5 when it is available? (It is almost 7 AM EST.)

You guys need to have a bit of patience. MCV employees likely have not even woken up yet. I would not expect anything until later in the day, likely in the afternoon. Just think of it as something to play with for the weekend :slight_smile:

Exactly, and usally we have to wait for months to get something from MicasaVerde, so I am sure we are going to survive another few hours.

But to be honest, I still want it right now ;D

Any news?

Here in Switzerland I don’t see for the moment… :-X


...Here in Switzerland...

I can confirm that one, I am in Switzerland too…

Everyone be patient. If anything I would be shocked if they release it today. I have faith in MCV to release UI5. But, with their track record, do not get upset if it does not get released today.

  • Garrett

Try this…


First screenshots of UI5 on Vera2:


I tried link that but am remote. It didn’t connect me because it is looking for a local vera unit. It gave a link if one was trying to connect remotely. That took me to cp.mios.com which still gave me UI4.

Will this work on Vera 1?

No, Vera1 will not support UI5. The code base is too big for the unit.

  • Garrett

Does that link only work for vera3 or will it also work for vera2?