UI4 upgrade failure (now success!)

I just attempted to upgrade to UI4 1.1.1047 on my vera 1. Firmware upgrade seemed to complete but none of my z-wave devices show up, nor did a restore from backup bring them back. At this point I’m stuck.

I’ve submitted a trouble ticket.

I guess MCV support does not read this forum?

More information, on my dead vera 1.
The upper right hand corner of the UI4 page always says “busy”.
Restoring my backup does nothing.
I’ll try calling MCV in the morning…

I know that most times when I put a ticket in , someone usually gets back to me within a day. At least if you put a ticket in, you are bound to be gotten to. Forums are great for the community to help you, but don’t rely on the forums for a quick way to get formal help from MCV. If that was the case, they would be spending all their time scouring forums and not handling tickets ;D

same problem here. i upgraded my vera2 to UI4. now i cannot access vera either from my pc or iphone. it was working fine with the older firmware version. while writing this comment, this computer is still in the process of “restoring to factory default setting” (for about 25 minutes now and this is the 3rd time i am doing this). if this is successful, the next step is to restore my backup of UI2 (or UI3, i am not sure), that i saved in my hard drive. i am also stuck for 2 days now and also submitted a ticket. Mr. Olvidiu of MCV has helped me many times. we have to try everything we can to resolve the issues because waiting for MCV support will take forever. if i knew this is going to be the result, i should not have migrated to UI4. i’ve read in this forum that other users have gone to UI4 with no trouble. more power to those users and hope they can share the steps they have taken.

Have you checked to see if the upgrade to UI4 changed your IP for the Vera? When I changed some network settings on my box I noticed the server stayed busy indefinitely. When I closed and reopened the dashboard again it picked up the new IP Address. On iVera I had to manually change the IP address for it to find the Vera2.

Are you using cp.mios.com to access your unit? UI4 doesn’t work with findvera.com.

Did you have any custom network settings?

I would restore Vera to your old firmware from backup.
Once at that point I would make sure your network settings are basic. You are not in Client mode and not a static IP.

Try the upgrade again and be patient if you can log into vera and you cannot see devices . it is possible Vera has not configured them yet. I think mine took about 20 minutes or more. Then boom on a refresh all was there.

I hope this helps you

i found that i had to empty my web browser and power cycle vera after firmware update, everything worked just fine after that.

thank you all. i was using findvera.com but it directs me to cp.mios anyway wherein i created a new mios account. i will try again. thanks.

ok i can see vera now in my computer through cp.mios. thanks for all your input. also all my zwave devices except the panasonic camera. another problem all my rooms that i have setup disappeared together with the scenes i have created. did anyone have these problems?

Thanks for all the responses. I had to speak to the technical support people from MCV and they connected to my Vera and fixed the problem. All the rooms and room associations were lost, but they were easy to re-create.

In summary, if you get stuck, call them. They are very helpful.

I’ve upgraded my second Vera to UI4, and it was seamlessly easy. I’ve also noted that with UI4 all my Leviton devices just work! Thanks MiCasaVerde!