UI4 Opinion

Just upgraded to UI4 from UI2 and so far seems to work fine, no difference from UI2 yet operationally.

The UI however, is terrible. Why does this look like it was drawn running DOS? Tags on buttons are not aligned well, Sections are not delineated in any way and actual functionality as a UI are worse than UI2 (some simple examples):

  1. Settings for Thermostat that were accessible from main UI are now buried in Advanced settings.
  2. Controls with more than one Output such as a 3 in 1 sensor are now scattered randomly and separately in the room they are contained in, instead of grouped in a single interface element.

After all the wasted time on the UI, this is just terrible, sorry. Hire a UI developer that has some experience, this looks like an old control system interface from Wonderware from 20 years ago that I used as a UI for a PLC controller.

Sorry I know others may have differing opinions, but this is a big disappointment and not something I would proudly demonstrate for friends and relatives.

I received my first Vera, version 2 runing UI14, just a couple of weeks ago. Although I can’t compare it to prior Vera UIs, I was very surprised about the poor quality of the UI after using it for a few hours. It is not well laid out or attractive, but worse, the functionality is quite poor. It would take quite a while to document the flaws and I’m not sure if that is worth the effort unless there is a current MCV project to fix these problems. I’m getting very close to the 30 day return window on this device and I’m really on the fence. The Vera literature and videos are quite compelling, but the product looks and works like an early beta. I’ve already purchased about $400 in z-wave modules and wondering if I’m thowing more good money after bad.

On the positive side, z-wave reliability is quite good as compared to X-10 even after many years of 'fine tuning," filtering, bridging and amplifying. The question is, did I make the right choice of controller?

Get SQ Remote on an iOS device (iPhone, iTouch or iPad) and use Vera as backend and experience is quite good. Highly recommend this setup.

I’m disappointed as well. I guess we have to live with a beta UI until a new z-wave product comes along and shows how to do it properly.
I see no alternative at the moment, but I still hope, some company will make it sometimes.

I just will not upgrade to vera2.

UI4 does need some cosmetic fixes and MCV has acknowledged that, its just that they are concentrating on function and putting off form for a while.

I loved UI2, it was simple and clean, and while I can appreciate some of the attempted advancements of UI3 the layout and usability suffered, UI4 tends to be closer to what I liked about UI2.

Also, as was suggested by Chimpware, using any 3rd party iPhone/iTouch app will give you the look you want, plus a lot of added speed. But if you have the chance, try pulling up UI4 on an iPhone/iTouch in Safari and be amazed, it looks really good (forgiving button alignments, etc) and the buttons are usable.

From what I understand, from other posts MCV is doing a big push to clean some of this stuff up as we speak.

I am relatively new to the HA scene. I have only known the Vera2 and it has done everything I wanted it to do. I started with UI14 at 1.1.992 and now 1.1.1047 not seeing much of a difference at all between these two releases.

Overall, I am pleased with my decision to buy Vera2 and have incorporated the Schlage Lock & T’Stats (5), dimmers and switches from GE & Intermatics and a Hawking door/window sensor. (tested a variety of vendors to compare/contrast). I must say that the largest struggles have come from figuring out some of the home wiring schemes for the three way and four way switches.

There was a bit of learning curve to work out how to configure some of the automation scenes. I must say this has some opportunity for improvement. I’m surprised there aren’t more forum topics on how-too’s in this area.

My main goal was accomplished by having remote access using HomeBuddy on my android phone. Having the AutoHTN Android Beta released at the same time is a plus. Both work reasonably well for what I wanted to do (apart from HTN’s one T’Stat view). While there are some quirks with the UI14 cosmetics, it does work. MCV seems to be committed to cleaning things up as we go, so for now, I am happy for the function over the format.

Hi Shady,

thanks for the input. I also have SQRemote. Without it I think I would have thrown vera out of the window already.
But honestly, the UI was what bothered me the least and I was happy with UI2. The problem is that Vera is a constant building site and every firmware seems like russian roul…ette. This is not what I would expect from a device that has been on the market for 2 years now. (Luckily mine is only half a year old).
What bothers me most, is the lua interface which leads to unstable and constanly changing features. … so after all this time, if you want a simple “and” condition, you have to write a script. I have seen this on several products and it always is caused by developers, who are unable to design a simple and logical UI… (and the products never leave beta stage)


and armed/disarmed status on 3 in 1 sensor is not displayed. Really? I mean really? Well done once again MCV team.

Another of my favorites is that “Off” buttons are highlighted in green. Hilarious.

Or how about the upgrade button labeled “Upgrade to the English version.” Its great entertainment, and at a budget price.

[quote=“CMRancho, post:9, topic:166434”]Another of my favorites is that “Off” buttons are highlighted in green. Hilarious.

Or how about the upgrade button labeled “Upgrade to the English version.” Its great entertainment, and at a budget price.[/quote]

Yeah I forgot the Green Off buttons. Makes it extremely easy to scan the page for what is turned on, awesome and obvious choice ::slight_smile: