UI4 beta 1 upgrade on vera2 - ui2 to ui4 failed

vera2 with ui2 on it…

I backed up config… followed instructions and waited almost 20 mins… vera
showing all 3 lights like it was okay, but not responding to pings.

Power cycled and still eventually get to power, eth1 and zwave lights on…

I can now ping it, but thats it…

no http, no ssh

anything I should try before attempting a factory reset on it…

Hey MCV… how about adding a button to the voting page for “Upgrade failed… helllllpppp!”

Anyway… will be glad to document anything if it will help others.


oh yeah… and findvera doesn’t see it… I get the original (and current) ip address of vera but
the green button is black. Just in case someone thinks it picked up a new address, I checked
that in my router and its still got the lease on its original address.

When I received two Vera 2’s to replace my Vera 1 I went to the micasaverde.com/vera2 page and it upgraded to UI4 from UI2. One of them went okay and the second one locked up. After trying a lot of different things to make it respond I read somewhere about pushing the reset button 3 times fast to reset it but it didn’t work. I held down the reset button while pluggin in the power and all the lights stay on. I kept holding it down for about 10 seconds then let it sit for about a 2 minutes plugged in. Then unplugged it and plugged it back in and it finally came back. Last night when I just did the firmware upgrade from 1.1.1009 to 1.1.1047 the upgrade timer went to 20 minutes and never came up. They both locked up and and had to be reset as above.

I get the feeling I will be in the same boat… I’ve done factory resets a LONG time ago. Just prefer not to as I have had problems on other routers bricking from time to time. I opened a trouble ticket and tried calling tech support but after about 10 minutes of music on hold, I got routed to voicemail.

Not a crisis, and I went into this fully aware of that “I could poke myself in the eye”. Usually when I put a ticket in I get a response late at night / early next morning. Will sit on it for about 24 hours before I go the reset route. Its on the net and obviously dhcp’ed an address… apps just aren’t working which is wierd. Would have expected all or nothing.

One wonders why MVC did not shipped the replacement vera2’s with the immediately required firmware upgrade done.

Mine are not new.
I’ve had both my vera2s for quite sometime. I got them when they were a new product and came with UI3. I downgraded to UI2 and have been happy ever since. Just maybe pulled the trigger a bit quick on the UI4 upgrade.

Okay… I don’t know WTF I did, I came home tonight, had seen earlier postings of hitting the recessed reset button twice quickly. I did that, nothing happened. I unplugged it and walked off. Came back later plugged it in and it came up in UI4. I restored my config save and it picked everything up. You tell me. I changed my vote to a more postive one.

Okay I just realized I was hitting the wrong button to reset it. Since I couldn’t find clear instructions for the Vera 2. I was hitting the other non z-wave raised button not the reset button. Since on the Vera 1 the second raised button was the reset button I never even thought to look for a resessed one until Les said something about it. The biggest problem is when I goto micasaverde.com/vera2 it still has links to the wiki for the Vera 1 and under factory reset it only explains the Vera 1. There shouldn’t be links to anything Vera 1 when you started in the Vera 2 area. Well anyway what I did made it work or maybe I just had to wait a lot longer like you did and it would have started working on it’s own. I waited much longer than I should have though and it only had the power light lit.

I think MiCasaVerde needs to have someone that knows nothing about it just going through the wiki and try to follow their instructions to see if they can make thing work and if they can’t rewrite them so they are ‘simple stupid’. Even the Vera 1 reset instructions weren’t totaly clear. Here’s an example:

“Alternatively, you can press the black button on the back of Vera marked ‘restore’ twice in rapid succession, then watch the power light on the front of Vera. The power light will go out when Vera is doing a reset. In order to avoid accidentally resetting Vera and losing your data, you have to double press the black button quickly.”

Don’t the first and last sentences contradict each other?

One wonders why MVC did not shipped the replacement vera2's with the immediately required firmware upgrade done.

Because they’re ordered 12 weeks in advance, on a ship for 30 days at sea, and then sent to a 3rd party distribution warehouse to go to dealers, who often have 2 months of inventory. So, what you get now maybe very well have been flashed 5 months or more previously.