UI4 beta 1 - 1047 (evidently I got older 992???)

Logged back into my vera tonight and got the attached popup. Is there a newer version out already?

So I looked back and the official announcement said it the version for beta 1 was 1047 but somehow
I ended up with an older version (992). Did anyone else click on the link on the announcement pages
and get an older version?

Is this why things may have been more painful on the upgrade as I actually got an older beta?

Nice!.. upgraded to the UI4 that I should have had earlier… I can see the difference… My thermostat icon now shows current temps on the icon itself. And… deadbolt shows locked/unlocked on icon too.

Again, I wonder if anyone else got an older version somehow.

When I first upgraded to UI4 I didn’t even look what version it was I just went back to micasaverde.com/vera2 again and it said there was another update so it went through the whole process again. That was a week ago.

Hi Les,

The process works like this:

If you have Vera 2 (S/N above 10.000) and you are using a version older that 1.1.980 (either UI2, UI3 or UI4 prior 1.1.980) the first time you go to http://micasaverde.com/vera2 you will be upgraded to the new firmware upgrade system, meaning that it will install an intermediate firmware which after that will give you the option to upgrade just our software (MiOS squashfs), not the entire firmware.

After this intermediate firmware is installed, it will prompt to upgrade to 1047 or the latest firmware which we made available.

Thanks for the info! BTW, the 1014 is awesome! There is a world of difference in presentation of data on icons from 992 to 1014. And that upgrade worked flawlessly.


You mean 1047, right? Because the current update should be the 1047 version…

Anyway, thanks for the nice words!

Yes… sorry… 1047… I have corrected the title too… only my first cup of coffee… ::slight_smile: