UI2 / UI3 and the schlage lock issue

First if someone can confirm, UI2=the old interface and UI3= the Luup interface?

I ask because I have a Vera that still can’t pair with my Schlage door lock. I was going to upgrade to the Luup version because that reportedly will solve my problem. I have 1.0.616.

I guess my questions are

  1. Has someone upgraded to Luup and had their Schlage lock problem go away?
  2. Will upgrading to the new UI2 version wl500gP_Luup_ui2-1.0.988-1.trx also fix my problem?

Actually Luup references the backend engine. Current builds of both UI2 and UI3 use the same Luup engine. The 1.0.616 build you have has a UI like UI2, but a different pre-Luup engine on the backend.

And I suggest that you upgrade to a Luup version. Check this page: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?board=4.0 to see when we are releasing new firmware.