UI Issues - Backbutton, Logs

Can someone please disable the back button on the MVC server site…I keep hitting back to go back and lose everything :frowning:
Maybe there a firefox addon for sites that dont handle the back button gracefully…

I wish the various tabs maintained a breadcrumb or a pop up window instead of being transitional in the same URL. we could have bookmarks for what we do most often and we could use the back button.

I dislike that whenever we wish to see a device’s logs, we are taken to the main logs page instead of a pop-up or something that doesnt abruptly put a halt to whatever we were doing.

Thanks for listening !

When you are ranting or asking for feature requests for the vera ui, you are preaching to the choir. They will go no where. You’ll have better luck contacting Mcv directly regarding your concerns.

  • Garrett

stop wining allready…