Ubiquiti AirCam External

Has anyone made any progress on this?

I rum Aircams on my Vera but I feed it via my Zoneminder server. Perhaps its possible to use them without zm with the latest firmware since if you enable snapshots without authentication, but I havent tried it.

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Aircam the older model and Airvision the newer one?

So Airvision could be Vera Lite Compatible?

I don’t mind running Zoneminder on my server.

For the price these look fantastic.

AFAIK there is only one generation of Aircams. I rum them with the latest firmware (1.20) and a Zoneminder 1.25 server, no Airvision.

They are good value for money, but useless in darker areas so I have replaced two with Vivoteks to get nightvision.

Skickat fr?n min Nexus 10 via Tapatalk 2

I did my research, ordered some Aircam Domes for porch/driveway street lamp at end of driveway hopefully provide some lighting otherwise Ill dim outside light at night time.

Plan on running through Blue Iris to Vera for motion detection. Not sure about remote viewing via mobile.

Will report back on my attempts success or failure.

For remote viewing a dedicated ip cam app is the way to go. Blue iris has a dedicated app for both ios and android.

  • Garrett