U.S.-Dimmer/Switch/3-Way Recommendations

Looking for recommendations for switches/dimmers.
i have a large number of z-wave dimmers/switches in my home. I use Evolve’s products (LTM-5, LRM-AS, LSM-15) and have been extremely disappointed with the quality. In 2 years, i have had to replace approximately 30 switches. (The switches simply seem to stop working after a period of time).
Any recommendations for dimmer/switch/3-way replacements in the U.S. would be appreciated.

Our Home was a smart home when we bought it.
Everything is GE.
Jasco seems to be made by GE as well.
about 2 years… no issues.
I have added GE/Jasco in a few places, no issues.

I have bought Gocontrol WS15-z Switch. Only issue is that it will not trigger a scene just by turning it on, you need to “double-tap” the switch. given that, works fine.

I generally try to stay with GE/Jasco. I have switches, dimmers, and a controlled receptacle, all work fine.


I had the same experience with Evolve. I don’t think I have any left at this point. Two years was about their life. In the worst circumstances, they would go into “click of death”, rapidly cycling the attached device (my ceiling and bathroom fans loved this >:( ).

I have mostly Leviton, and have never had to replace one, but I didn’t go Leviton with my Evolve replacements because the newer Levitons I’ve used (e.g. DZ15S switch and DZMX1 dimmer) don’t have instant status like the old ones (VRMX1, VRE06, VRS15), which is a bummer. I have, but have not yet installed and tested, a newer DZ1KD model dimmer to see if it has instant status.

The GEs do have instant status, so I’ve tended toward those while the Levitons have been coming up short on features. My wife is especially fond of the toggle-switch model (12727). The GE receptacles are good, too, and nice to put in places where you need to extend your network (they are good repeaters).

Using Leviton (older ones which I got from a fire sale) and Cooper. The cooper have instant status and are quite nice though have a very different look and feel. They have been very reliable both as 3 way and dimmer. I hear good things about the new GE. Beware that they do not all have instant status. The older ones don’t.

Using GE/Jasco Z-Wave smart switches and dimmers exclusively. About 4+ yrs. Like them. Would continue to buy GE/Jasco ZWave products.

I use some go control switches as 1 way and 3 way switches and they work great, little delay when you?re turning on a light from the ?dummy? switch. Being that my house has a lot of 3 way switches I opted to try out the Zooz line of dimmers and switches. They don?t require any extra dummy switches, plus they have instant status as well unlike my go control switches. Can?t comment on their life span because I?ve only had them for about a year.

It’s been 2 years plus, and just yesterday one of my Evolve switches started to cycle!!!

I prefer Leviton switches (I also have some GE and some Innovelli), because it’s the only switch that I know of that shows on the switch itself if inclusion/exclusion was successful(blinking green) or unsuccessful(blinking red).
It may not have instant status reporting, but it’s very fast.