Turning Off WiFi on Vera 3

Is there a way to turn off the WiFi on Vera 3? I’ve looked under Setup > Net&WiFi, but the option to turn WiFi off is not available (as it was with Vera 2 UI4).

I don’t know if this will work with V3 but I use the following Luup commands to turn off/on WiFi from scenes on V2:
os.execute(“wifi down”)
os.execute(“wifi up wl0”)
I think the w10 is optional

I have a Vera 3 and it is under Net&Wifi as it has always been. Was version of firmware are you running?

My bad. I was logged into my Vera Light when I should have been logged into my Vera 3 (which has WiFi). It’s exactly where it should have been: Setup > WiFi > Manual > WiFi on/off.