Turning Off Virtual Multiswitch in Scene

I was wondering how you can turn off a Multiswitch in a scene. It doesn’t really allow me to do this.

Maybe I’m just missing something.

I know how to do this on ui5 so follow along if your on ui5. If not I think ui7 should be slimier but maybe not exactly the same.

You need to use the advanced TAB in the scene

Use the “Pick a device” drop down and select your multisiwtch

Down below that now use the drop down to setstatus1 (or what ever number your button is you want to change) use the following numbers 0,1,-1 in the box to the right

zero is off
one is on
negative one is to toggle oppisite of what ever it currently is.

All this can be found in the instructions for the multiswitch which are located in the first post here.